Saviour of all fellowship. Welcome to our site which proclaims the gospel that God will save all mankind and proclaims universal reconciliation

“We rely on the living God, Who is the Saviour of all mankind, especially of believers.
These things be charging and teaching” (1 Timothy 4:10,11).

binaryoptions Can we rely on Him if He is going to lose even one?
Are we to teach that God is not the Saviour of all mankind? Think about it.

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We have begun a new page called The Opposers of Universalism. Due to the seriousness of the failing of some we believe it our duty to expose those who oppose the truth of God saving all mankind. Yet we try to do it in a spirit of meekness and love.

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forex trade tutorial The Saviour of All Fellowship is not a separate sect of Christianity with membership and a set doctrinal statement.  If anything of this sort, we are a group of believers seeking to present the Scriptural and evangelical truth of God's purpose to save all mankind through the death and resurrection of Christ, and to defend this teaching against attacks made upon it.  Those working with us have many diverse associations with various Christian movements and organizations.

I have been much interested in current postions of conservative, Biblically based scholarship on the relationship of the cross to those who died in unbelief. There seems to be a great deal of fuzziness about the gospel itself.  Did Christ die for all without exception, and if so is God able to carry out His will to save all He wills to save (1 Tim.2:4)?  Or does God not will to save all without exception, so that Christ died only for the elect?  Few seem bold enough to speak of God's love, power and wisdom in equally unreserved terms.  When the subject is brought up we hear much said about human free-will or human depravity, but that only betrays an unwillingness to face the issue.  The gospel tells of God's achievement, and the question is:  What did God achieve in the death and resurrection of Christ?

Yours in His Grace,
Dean Hough

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