MIRS News is reporting that state Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Rick Jones is looking into shutting down the Michigan Lottery's online gaming operations.

      Study: Online gaming “losers” are more likely to harass women
      Talk to women who play games online, especially first-person shooters, and you'll quickly hear tales of them being bombarded with gender-focused harassment if and when they decide to speak up on a groupchat channel. Now, a new study suggests that the players most likely to engage in this kind of harassment are the ones who are actually worst at the game itself.

      Dirty cloud: warnings over online gaming industry's environmental footprint
      Gaming giants scrutinised in the past for using hazardous materials in consoles could soon see their online enterprises put under the microscope

      Upcoming online game The Flock will shut down after 215,358,979 deaths
      We at Ars' gaming squad do our best to tread water amid a growing sea of impressive indie games, especially those made by upstart teams, and we were glad that we spied a tiny, inconspicuous booth for The Flock at this year's Game Developers Conference.

      The 6 biggest online gaming hacks
      Online gaming systems and apps are a common target for cybercriminals, looking to do everything from improving their own scores and grabbing new game features to stealing Bitcoin wallets. We now look at six of the biggest online gaming hacks to date.

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